About us

With our joint experience, a team of first-class knotters and an extremely professional work ethic The Big Wig Co is able to produce wigs of quality for any size productions.

We are able to work within budgetary constraints without compromising our high standards of quality.

The company is run by Lorraine McInerney and has over 30 years experience making wigs for theatre, film and TV productions, providing clients with a deep knowledge of period and contemporary making and styling techniques. This extensive hands-on experience ensures an understanding of the requirements of designers and performers. 

Lorraine McInerney

Over the years Lorraine has had the experience of learning her trade at the top wigmakers in London. She has run work rooms and also been freelance, making wigs for television, film and stage. She takes pride in all wigs being of consistantly high standard. This knowledge she now employs to run her own wig company.